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  • 3 Ways Your Roof Protects Your Home and Family


    It's pretty easy to see that your roof is a big part of your home's exterior, but do you know its purpose? It plays a more significant role than you might think in the safety, protection, and comfort of your home.

  • 4 Reasons to Get a Professional Roof Inspection Now

    Even if damage has not yet made itself evident, it’s essential to check your roof’s condition regularly. Getting a professional roof inspection now can protect you and your roof from costly damage and repairs.

  • 5 Benefits of Getting a Professional Roof Inspection

    5 Benefits of Getting a Professional Roof Inspection

    You need to treat your roof with tender, loving care by getting regular inspections from a professional. The best part? There are plenty of benefits to getting an inspection!

  • Buying a Home? It’s Time for a Roof Inspection!

    You’ve found your dream home! Before moving in though, you need to make sure your new roof is safe and sound to avoid future problems.

  • Filing a claim for roof damage? Avoid these mistakes!


    Making an insurance claim can be tricky. To avoid unexpected costs, you need to take a close look at your policy. Here’s a breakdown of what to look for.

  • Hail Damage Can Come Back To Haunt You

    If your home was hit by severe weather this winter, who knows what might be lurking up on your roof? Blisters, punctures, curling, or missing shingles… if left unrepaired the damage might come back to haunt you. If you have not yet scheduled a yearly roof inspection, now’s the time.

  • How to Spot Roof Leaks

    Roof leak

    Roof leaks are a nasty consequence of roof damage. In most cases, roof leaks are caused by missing or damaged shingles, which lets water enter the roof system and, eventually, the inside of your home. Do you know where to look after a storm to check for a roof leak? Read on for three must check places.

  • Preparing Your Roof for Santa’s Landing

    Santa comes only once a year, so you want to make sure your roof is ready! Christmas Eve, he will be stopping by your house, so why not make it the best experience possible for him?

  • Prevent These Costly Problems With A Roof Inspection

    Have you ever heard the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? This is true for many things that require maintenance, to perform best like your health, your car, and your home. But this is especially true when it comes to your roof! If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably thinking, “there’s not a hole in mine, so what’s the big deal?”

    You may be surprised to learn that your roof could have problems, even if it’s not leaking right now.

  • The 3 Most Common Roofing Scams and How to Avoid Them

    Understanding the signs of roofing scams is not only beneficial to you as a homeowner but it’s also a benefit to us roofers that are out there every day providing honest and quality work!

  • Top 5 Signs a Roofing Contractor is Ripping You Off

    Roof Scam

    You wake up on a Saturday morning to the sound of someone knocking on your door. You didn’t expect a package, so you walk downstairs, open the door and there’s a roofer who says that you have storm damage and he can get your roof replaced for a really low cost to you. You think to yourself, “How nice of him to notice my roof damage and help me out with such a low price!”

    Slow down. The roofer may be trying to scam you. 

  • Top 7 Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

    summer roof maintenance

    As the heat continues to rise, make sure you stay on top of your summer roof maintenance with these 7 top tips.

  • What to Expect During a Roof Inspection

    Getting your roof inspected is a vital part of your home maintenance. It is always best to hire a professional who is trained to recognize damage and provide you with a plan to fix it. If you’re a new homeowner or this is your first inspection, this guide is for you! Learn about what inspectors are looking for and about the process of a roof inspection. 

  • When to Get A Hail Damage Inspection

    It may not capture your attention, fear or fascination like a hurricane or tornado outbreak, but hail is consistently one of the most damaging weather phenomena every year. According to, hail damage costs homeowners and insurers BILLIONS of dollars each year. Homeowners knowing how to spot hail damage and getting a hail damage inspection has never been more critical.

  • Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

    A little preventative home maintenance this winter can reduce energy costs, prevent expensive disasters, and spot future repairs to take care of when warmer weather returns. There are a few must-do home maintenance chores that will help keep your home from having some major emergency issues this winter.