Cutting-Edge-GuttersHaynes Construction & Restoration Inc. is a licensed and certified residential roofing contractor in Beecher, Illinois with a reputation for quality customer service in everything we do as licensed roofers. Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. has over 40 years of experience in our field and is a CertainTeed ShingleMaster. Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. specializes in roofing, shingles, gutters and leaf protection. We have a reputation as great roofers, and we continue that tradition with every roof we repair or install, so if you're looking for a reliable, licensed roofer in Beecher, IL, look no further.

Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. installs CertainTeed shingles in the Beecher, Illinois area. Only 1% of contractors receive the CertainTeed certification we have, so our CertainTeed credentials and certification help set us apart as licensed roofing contractors. CertainTeed shingles are durable, have several lines of shingles to meet different needs, and come in a variety of colors. CertainTeed shingle lines include the Landmark TL, Premium, Pro, the original CertainTeed Landmark line, and more. All CertainTeed shingles come with a limited lifetime warranty, as well as our own 5-year transferrable labor warranty. As a CertainTeed shingle installer, we offer the best products and service to our customers who depend on a reliable, licensed roofing contractor.

Since your home is protected by your roofing, it is important to make sure you have quality roofing installed by an expert.

leaf-reliefIn addition to installing roofing, Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. installs gutters and leaf protection. Leaf Relief gutter protection provides instant relief for new gutters by replacing the need for gutter hangers. Leaf Relief gutter protection has pre-made corners for quick installation for new and existing gutters. For existing gutters and leaf protection, Leaf Relief gutter protection fits over existing gutter fasteners and has a flexible flap for perfect leaf protection fit over gutters. Our gutter leaf protection can also withstand up to 91 lbs per feet of pressure on its surface, making it strong and durable. Independent tests have proven Leaf Relief's gutter and leaf protection systems to be 100% effective against leaves, twigs, pine needles, and small debris, while the competition average is only 90% effective and the lowest performer provides 48% effective leaf protection. These leaf protection and gutter systems can also handle up to 32.9 inches of rainfall per hour, so your roofing and gutter will be able to handle any storm, even in Beecher.


Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. also handles roof repair. Our roof repair experts put their years of experience to work and can work on any type of roof repair needed. Whether your roof repair needs caused by hail damage, tree branches, or something else, our roofers do an expert job of roof repair in Beecher, IL. If you need roof repair, don't try to do it yourself--leave it to professional roofers who can expertly patch and fix any roof repair needs. You may need roof repair if you notice leaking ceilings or sliding shingles, and Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. roofers can help your home stay safe and protected from all elements that may cause roofing damage, such as hail damage, that requires roof repair. Call the expert roofers at Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. for any roof repair or installation in Beecher, IL.