What to do In the Event of a Roof Leak

There’s a random paint bubble on the ceiling. It’s just a bubble, right? No. Your roof is likely leaking, and you need to act FAST! Here’s what you need to do when you have a roof leak.

5 Reasons (NOT Due to Weather) You Need a Roof Replacement

Critters, bad attic ventilation, and so much more can damage your roof! While it’s easy to blame roof damage on the weather, you need to be careful about these other roof damage culprits! Read more to see why you might need a roof replacement.

Ice Dams on Your Roof

Snow and ice are everything nice...except when ice dams form on your roof. Read more to learn how to prevent ice dams and protect your home this winter.

Perils of Snow on an Old Roof

Wind, storms, water, and general wear-and-tear can put your old roof in a dangerous situation. Don’t worry, we can rescue you from the perils of your old roof!

Haynes Attic Ventilation

Have weather damage on your roof or feeling warm from improper attic ventilation? Haynes Construction can help with CertainTeed Ridge Vents, keeping your attic properly ventilated. Read to find out more!

10-year transferable workmanship warranty

Our 10-year transferable workmanship warranty is very rare among roofing contractors in Illinois. Read more to see what this warranty means for YOU.

CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMasters are the Best

Haynes is CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ certified. Compared to competitors, CertainTeed offers the best quality roofing products for our customers.

Haynes Construction believes that if an accurate comparison is made between our bids and our competitors’ bids, we deliver superior quality workmanship, superior quality materials, and unmatched professional service. It’s a promise we made to ourselves when our family got started in this business over 40 years ago, and it’s one we still stick to today.