You’ve found your dream home! Before moving in though, you need to make sure your new roof is safe and sound to avoid future problems.


Congrats on getting your new house! You’ve got the keys, you’ve got the mortgage all figured out, and the next step is to make sure your roof will keep you safe. 

Don’t join the majority of homeowners who neglect their new roof! Here’s why you’ll regret leaving your roof alone.

Roofs Get OLD.

If you’re buying a home that’s at least 10 years old, it’s especially important to get that roof checked out. 

Roofs, like people, get old, and after a while, they need special attention. Old shingles get brittle, damaged, and can rot from storms, wind, and just normal wear and tear. 

Older roofs are also more vulnerable to storm damage. They can only take so much moisture, hail, wind, and debris before they begin to deteriorate and decompose. 

How do you prevent a future disaster? It’s simple. Get your roof inspected, especially if it’s an older one.


You Save Money!

When you buy a home, you inherit ALL of its problems. That includes the roof.

If you leave a broken bone alone without putting a cast on it, it gets a LOT worse. The same applies to roof damage. If there’s hail damage you’re not aware of, or if there’s a missing shingle, it can lead to expensive problems down the road if left unchecked.

How do you potentially save a lot of money? Get an inspection to make sure your roof is in sound working order. The quicker you get your roof checked out, the better it will be for YOU in the end.


It’s FREE, so Why Not?

Besides saving money, you’re also getting a free service! Why turn that down? You’re able to get your roof checked out, which may save you THOUSANDS of dollars in future repairs or full replacement, for FREE!

Take advantage of getting your new roof looked at for no cost to you.

Haynes Construction is here to make sure your new home’s roof looks good, keeps you from spending too much down the road on expensive repairs or roof replacements, and as we said earlier, our roof inspections are absolutely free! 

Call 815.932.5259 or visit our website to schedule a free roof inspection with us today!