Wind, storms, water, and general wear-and-tear can put your old roof in a dangerous situation. Don’t worry, we can rescue you from the perils of your old roof!

From wind, storms, rain, hail and Father Time, roofs take a beating. A roof that’s been installed for over 20 years has diminished over time and cannot protect your home as well as it once did. Many insurance companies will not cover an old roof for this very reason - it’s simply too risky. Here’s a look into why old roofs may become a problem for you.


When Shingles Age, It’s Bad News

As a roof ages, its shingles absorb so much moisture they become damaged and begin to rot.

On top of years and years of moisture, roofs also endure years of strong winds. At the edges of a roof, prolonged winds cause the roof shingles to loosen up. When loose shingles fall off your roof, water can penetrate the roof, causing leaks and possible water damage throughout your home.


Wind, Water, and Storms, Oh My!

Just like wind can impact a roof, old roofs are also more likely to take a heavy blow during storms, even minor ones. Older shingles can only take so much moisture, wind, hail, debris, and flying objects over the years before they start to deteriorate and lose their structural integrity to properly protect the roof system.

During a storm, the sealant on the roof can break and peel and lose flashing along the edges. As we mentioned earlier, old and damaged shingles are likely to fall off a roof, especially during a storm with high winds.

Weathering any storm with an old roof is like a high-stakes game of chance. Damage to your roof is likely, meaning a complete replacement anyway, except with the added risk of water damage to your attic and walls. To keep your home well protected during any storm, you need a strong, sturdy roof.


Building Codes and Warranties

Over time, the building codes for your area may change.  When building codes change, warranties from roofing companies change and cover new materials your old roof may not even have installed.

Not only are you dealing with an old roof, but you’re also not getting the perks of new and updated roofing materials and protection. The more protection your home has, the safer you will be and the more money you save in the end.


Insurance Problems

Roof leaks, wind damage, and storm damage are all causes of common home insurance claims. The problem is, if you file a claim caused by a defective roof that’s over 20 years old, your home insurance company may not cover it

Home insurers see your roof as an important part of your home. If your roof can cause even more problems, they won’t want to cover it. If you file a claim due to a roof that is old and damaged, the money to cover that damage will likely come from you.

We know you do not want to pay for thousands of dollars worth of damage from an old roof. Yes, roofs are a big investment, but it’s ultimately an investment worth making.

Don’t suffer from the perils your old roof can put you in! Call 1-844-890-7663 or request a time online to get the best home protection our CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMasters can provide!