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  • 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

    roofing contractor

    One of the biggest challenges that homeowners face is choosing the right roofing contractor. After all, it’s a pretty significant investment! Get the best service for your budget by following these tips:

  • Roofing Scams To Watch Out For!

    Storm season has arrived, and Illinois homeowners need to be ready!  Several rounds of severe weather have already impacted several areas this year, and with the possibility of more in the next few months, it is essential that you learn what you can do and what to watch out for to protect your home.

  • The 3 Most Common Roofing Scams and How to Avoid Them

    Understanding the signs of roofing scams is not only beneficial to you as a homeowner but it’s also a benefit to us roofers that are out there every day providing honest and quality work!

  • Top 5 Signs a Roofing Contractor is Ripping You Off

    Roof Scam

    You wake up on a Saturday morning to the sound of someone knocking on your door. You didn’t expect a package, so you walk downstairs, open the door and there’s a roofer who says that you have storm damage and he can get your roof replaced for a really low cost to you. You think to yourself, “How nice of him to notice my roof damage and help me out with such a low price!”

    Slow down. The roofer may be trying to scam you.