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  • 3 Ways Your Roof Protects Your Home and Family


    It's pretty easy to see that your roof is a big part of your home's exterior, but do you know its purpose? It plays a more significant role than you might think in the safety, protection, and comfort of your home.

  • 5 Maintenance Tips That Will Prevent Expensive Leaks

    Imagine if you never changed the oil in your car… how would it run? What about your home’s AC unit – would it continue to work well in the summer if you never changed its filter?    
    The roof of your home is just like most systems: it requires routine maintenance to provide the best protection.

    But most homeowners don’t perform regular maintenance tasks. Even worse, many don’t get seasonal roof inspections.All too often, homeowners will call us because their roof is leaking and are shocked that the damage (and repair bill!) could have been prevented.

    How can costly roof leaks be avoided? It's simple: get regular roof inspections and keep an eye out for damage. Here are five tips to help you do that!

  • Can You Afford To Skip A Spring Roof Inspection?

    Yearly roof inspections are vital to the health and safety of your home – but did you know Spring is the best time to get one? Waiting until after the cold weather passes is the ideal time to check for signs of damage and to make sure your home is ready for the spring storm season!

  • Get Fit This New Year By Exercising Your DIY Skills

    45% of Americans resolve to lose weight each year. Are you one of them? If so, we want to help you exercise and improve your DIY home skills at the same time! Check out these home maintenance projects and see how many calories you can burn while completing them around your home!

  • How to Effectively Boost Your Curb Appeal with 5 Upgrades

    Curb appeal

    When a potential buyer pulls up to your home, what will be their first impression? If the outside of your home leaves something to be desired, especially in comparison to the rest of the neighborhood, you could be in trouble. Increase your home’s curb appeal (and value) and get to the closing table faster with these 5 awesome upgrades!

  • How to Keep Critters Out of Your Home

    As the weather gets colder, guess who’s going to take advantage of your damaged roof? Critters like squirrels and raccoons! 

  • Show Your Home Some Love

    Love is in the air this month, so why not show your home some affection too? After all, home is where the heart is! Here are just a few ways you can give your home some TLC and prevent costly repairs.

  • Top 7 Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

    summer roof maintenance

    As the heat continues to rise, make sure you stay on top of your summer roof maintenance with these 7 top tips.

  • Warning: Skipping These 8 Maintenance Tasks Could Be Disastrous

    Home Maintenance Tasks

    While some things, like your smoke alarm, will alert you when they need maintenance, there are many areas in your home that won’t. Here are some must-do maintenance tasks to keep your home value high and your repair costs low.