You’ve found your dream home! Before moving in though, you need to make sure your new roof is safe and sound to avoid future problems.

5 Benefits of Getting a Professional Roof Inspection

You need to treat your roof with tender, loving care by getting regular inspections from a professional. The best part? There are plenty of benefits to getting an inspection!

10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Roofer

When it’s time to pick a roofer for a replacement, you need to know who’s in it for the money and who’s actually in it for you. Here are ten questions you need to ask your roofer!

Thinking of having a new roof installed but you’re not sure which type your home needs? Here are three types of roofs you can install on your home and their benefits.

What to do In the Event of a Roof Leak

There’s a random paint bubble on the ceiling. It’s just a bubble, right? No. Your roof is likely leaking, and you need to act FAST! Here’s what you need to do when you have a roof leak.

5 Reasons (NOT Due to Weather) You Need a Roof Replacement

Critters, bad attic ventilation, and so much more can damage your roof! While it’s easy to blame roof damage on the weather, you need to be careful about these other roof damage culprits! Read more to see why you might need a roof replacement.

Ice Dams on Your Roof

Snow and ice are everything nice...except when ice dams form on your roof. Read more to learn how to prevent ice dams and protect your home this winter.

Perils of Snow on an Old Roof

Wind, storms, water, and general wear-and-tear can put your old roof in a dangerous situation. Don’t worry, we can rescue you from the perils of your old roof!