Is your roof ready for spring?

The snow is melting, and spring is on its way! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the warm weather, but don’t wait to check your roof! 

The winter months can do a number of things to your roof, with damage ranging from minor to major. It’s important to check your roof for any type of damage as everything starts to defrost, so you can focus on the important things ahead…summer! 

Read on for some helpful reminders on what to look out on your roof during the transitioning seasons. 

Let it snow, let it snow… except when it piles up! Accumulating snow and ice dams can cause significant damage to your roof.

ICE DAMS: Large chunks of ice that form on the eaves and gutters of your roof.

They are not only a wintertime nuisance, but can be very damaging to your home overall. The good news? You can prevent any major damage to your roof by being proactive with upkeep.

Read on to learn more!

The start of a new year is the time where we all have resolutions and new changes we want to make, to make this the best year we’ve had yet! Though all of those resolutions and changes might not be easy to make, at Haynes Construction we want to make one of those changes just a little bit easier! 

The prospect of a new roof, or even just the maintenance of your existing roof can be daunting! Luckily, at Haynes Construction we are always available to help you with whatever needs to be done. Read on to discover just a few reasons that maintenance - and potential replacement - of your roof at this time of year is both important and convenient for you! 

Identifying and resolving roof leaks can be a daunting task. But, with the right know-how and a bit of elbow grease, it can be done relatively quickly and easily! The first step in identifying and resolving roof leaks is to locate the source of the leak. This is often easier said than done, as water can travel a long way before it finally finds its way into your home. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep the damage out of your home:

Maintaining a home is hard enough, remembering every detail takes a lot of organization and dedication! An important part of maintenance for homeowners is maintaining your roof, and we make it easy for you at Haynes Construction Inc. 

Here are the top 3 types of roofing services most important for homeowners to remember. These are important to remember to keep the integrity of your roof, prevent further damage, and most importantly, give you the peace of mind about the roof over your head! 

With winter fast approaching, it’s important not to forget about your roof! The last thing you want is for the first snowfall of winter to unearth an unexpected problem with your roof, especially when the temperatures start dropping!

Don’t get left out in the cold, check out these tips for winterizing your roof!

People who live in the Midwest know that weather can be unpredictable. It seems like a new storm rolls through every time the seasons change, and sometimes there can even be snow and high temperatures within the same week!

Storms are a major source of roof damage, which can lead to other detrimental effects on residential and commercial properties. When a roof isn’t restored properly, it can put your family’s protection and security at risk. Find out when storms in the Midwest are likely to occur and how to protect your home from storm damage.

So you’re ready to get your roof repaired or replaced? At this point, you’ve probably sought out a roofing expert to conduct this process. It is important that you have found an expert in roofing with a long history of quality work. If you find yourself in the boat of searching for a roofing contractor, look no further than Haynes Construction Inc. We have roofing experts that can help with all your roofing needs as well as many years of professional experience.