Owning a home is a labor of love. It's often one of the most significant investments a person will make and it requires a lot of sweat equity and maintenance, but studies show that the equity built over the long term makes owning a home a sound financial investment. But that doesn’t make owning a home any easier!

It may not capture your attention, fear or fascination like a hurricane or tornado outbreak, but hail is consistently one of the most damaging weather phenomena every year. According to Weather.com, hail damage costs homeowners and insurers BILLIONS of dollars each year. Homeowners knowing how to spot hail damage and getting a hail damage inspection has never been more critical.

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that almost 50% of their home’s energy bills are related to heating and cooling. Are your monthly energy bills literally going through the roof? The first place you should check is our roof.

If we’ve learned anything from HGTV, it’s that home improvement projects can increase your home’s value. But, did you know that basic home maintenance can be just as valuable? Without proactive maintenance – like regular roof inspections – your home could lose up to 10% of its value.

Routine maintenance not only protects the value of your property but can enhance curb appeal, ensure safety and above all, prevent simple problems from turning into costly repairs.  One study indicates that basic maintenance can even earn you money, about 1% each year!

If you expect to sell your home in the next few years, home maintenance should be even higher on your priority list. Keep in mind that appraisers factor in your property's economic age -- the number of years a house is expected to survive -- when valuing your home. Routine maintenance positively affects this estimate. Plus, much like a blind date, first impressions matter. A potential buyer can be deterred by chipped or fading paint, sagging gutters, and worn carpet. Don't wait until you're ready to sell your property to maintain it!

With warmer temperatures around the corner, now is the time to head outside and spring into action! Tackle these spring home maintenance tasks now and avoid a big repair bill later.