new roof cost

Concerned about the cost of a new roof? Here are the most popular options as well as their estimated cost.

The single most popular roofing option continues to be asphalt shingles, but in recent years, metal roofs have had the largest gains. Here are your options, as well as their estimated cost and a brief explanation. Costs are per square or 100 square feet of material.

  • Asphalt shingles ($350-$750), about 75% of roofs in America: Asphalt shingles are fiberglass reinforced and offered in a variety of styles that can fit your budget and home’s appearance. Specialty options can also combat climate dangers that your home may face.
  • Metal roofing ($750-$1,500), about 15%: Metal roofs can be much more durable than other options, and the new styles that are now available can make it an appealing choice.
  • Wood Shingles and shakes ($750-$1,250), about 5%: This is a traditional roofing material that continues to have many supporters that appreciate its natural beauty.
  • Clay, cement, and fiver cement tile ($800-$1,800), about 5%: Tiles continue to be a popular option, especially in warmer climates like Florida and California.
  • Single-ply/built-up roofing ($350-$750), about 3%: This is the best roofing option for low-slope and flat roofs.
  • Plastic or composite shingles ($800-$1,250), about 1%: These shingles look and act like wood shakes and slate, but are more expensive and last longer. They are less of a fire hazard as well.
  • Natural slate ($1,200-$2,000), about 1%: These can last over 100 years and are the epitome of luxury.

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