House and yard maintenance are important for keeping your home functioning properly. There are certain steps you can take at home that will help extend the lifespan of your roof. 

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters are the catch-all for all runoff from your roof. Gutters help to regulate where the runoff from your roof goes. Without gutters, your flower beds could become a muddy mess or the siding of your house could face damages. Aside from rainwater, your gutters also collect the leaves and pollen that lands on your roof and runoff. Unless you’re up on a ladder, you would never see how full your gutters are, but it’s an important maintenance step to stay on top of!

Cleaning your gutters out involves climbing up and emptying the debris that has made its way into there. When this step is overlooked, the gutters can become heavy and weigh down the gutters. This can eventually lead to your gutters disconnecting from your home and even falling. When they are not functioning properly, this also means that the water is not draining correctly. To avoid sitting water and disconnected gutters, at least once a year it is crucial for you to clean out the build-up. 

Trim Your Branches

Having trees around your home is not uncommon. When their branches extend over your roof this can lead to problems. Leaves and branches coming off of the tree could land on your roof and weigh it down. You want to limit the amount of buildup that happens on your roof to ensure that your shingles are staying healthy. These branches over your roof also give critters such as squirrels easy access to your roof. If they find a point of access into your home, they will help themselves to warm up inside. 

Trimming overhanging branches will not only help your roof stay healthy and free of debris, but it will also help ensure that you don’t get any unwanted critters! 

Roof Inspections

While some people choose to overlook this maintenance step, it will help your roof last longer and serve your home to the best of its ability. Annual roof inspections are a great way to stay on top of any damage that your roof has experienced over the past year. By being able to target weak spots and replace shingles that are needing it, you’re able to make sure your roof is protecting your home. 

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