The cost of a new roof can average over $8,000, making it one of the more expensive home improvement tasks. However, don't let the cost scare you! There are several ways that your new roof could put the cashback in your pocket.

Here's how:


In the past decade, shingles have seen a significant increase in wind rating. During the 90s shingles were being rated for 65-mph winds. Today, shingles easily rate for 120-mph winds and can often be found rated for up to 130-mph winds.

For homeowners, this means that a new roof offers better protection against the elements and can help save on minor repairs.


Another way that investing in a new roof will put money back in your pocket is that the value of your home will increase significantly once you install a new roof. It is estimated that a new roof can increase your home value by up to $12,000 and an estimated 60-68% return on investment.

Again, installing a new roof will be a big investment, but the value in return will be worth the money you spent on it. Not only does a new roof affect the outside look of your home, but it also helps determine the value of your home based on its ability to insulate.


Choosing an energy-efficient shingle can help lower utility costs and keep your home comfortable all year long. Start by selecting the right shingle color. Different colored shingles reflect different levels of light and heat. Highly reflective shingles can lower your electricity bill by reducing the amount of heat that penetrates your roof.

One of the newer technologies that a new roof can offer is solar panel technology. Through the use of solar energy, your roof can reflect the warmth during the summer months, keeping it from entering your home and thus keeping your home cooler. Your home is now more energy efficient. Better insulated roofs can be extremely beneficial during the colder winter months.

Overall - new roofs ensure that your home is insulated properly allowing heat to stay consolidated within your home rather than escaping through cracks.


Insurance companies will charge premiums for customers whose roofing is out of code. A new roof can bring your home up to the current code and significantly reduce your insurance rates. Not to mention, it is much safer to live under a roof that follows these codes!


There is a layer underneath shingles called underlayment that adds extra protection. Today’s underlayment is excellent at protecting the wood underneath your shingles. This extra level of protection can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.


The roof of your home protects your family, belongings, and more. By replacing or upgrading your current roof to one that is more energy-efficient and up to code, you can have peace of mind. Rest easy knowing what matters most to you is fully protected.

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