Most homeowners are surprised to learn that almost 50% of their home’s energy bills are related to heating and cooling. Are your monthly energy bills literally going through the roof? The first place you should check is our roof.

Your home’s roof is the first primary defense against the elements and has a tremendous impact on the comfort level in your home. A poorly installed and insulated roof can cause cold air to leak out of your home in the summer and cold air to enter your home in the winter. That can lead to skyrocketing energy bills year-round!

If you’ve noticed an increase in energy cost, a new roof or added attic insulation may be worth considering. It will not only help you go “green” with increased energy efficiency but save you some green in the process!

Here’s How A New Roof Can Help You Cut Energy Costs

Ventilation – Without proper ventilation, your roof can drastically increase your energy bills. In a warm climate, hot air gets trapped inside and forces the air conditioner to work harder. When ventilated correctly, your roof reduces energy needs on the air conditioner.

Solar Reflectance – Classified by how well they reflect sunlight away and back into the environment, roofs with higher solar reflectance can reduce surface temperatures by up to 30 percent.

Energy Star Label – A roof that has earned the Energy Star label is top tier when it comes to reflecting sunlight and can lower the surface temperature by up to 100 degrees, which saves you cooling costs in the end.

Roof Color – The color of your roof is vital depending on where you live. Colder climates need a darker roof to absorb and retain heat, whereas warmer climates require lighter colored roofs to help reflect the sun’s rays.

Update Your Shingles – Outdated shingles have a lower shingle rating, which protects against winds up to 65 mph. By updating your shingles to a more modern style, you can increase your shingle rating to withstand winds up to 130 mph. The higher the shingle rating means more wind is kept out of your home, which reduces heating and cooling costs.

Update Your Roof Today

When you get a new roof, you save money in the long run by reducing energy costs. Also, a new roof decreases the possibility of wind damage, leaks, and more. Contact us today at 1-844-890-7663 (Toll-Free) or by using our online form to schedule an inspection/estimate!