Re-siding a home is one of the top two investments a homeowner can make, and Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. installs only the best residential siding. Our siding brands include Crane, and Mastic, high quality brands we are confident installing on homes. Crane siding has a unique ventilation system that allows the house to breathe while keeping moisture out so mold, mildew, and water damage aren't an issue. Crane siding also provides more peace and quiet for homeowners, reducing external noise by up to 45%.

Crane siding is eco friendly, extremely durable, and doesn't require any upkeep aside from the occasional rinse off. Crane siding is vinyl and the color goes all the way through the siding, so it never needs to be repainted, even if there are small scratches. Mastic siding features a beautiful painted or stained wood look, as well as a smooth or grainy texture, and, like the other styles, is virtually maintenance-free. If you want siding to make your home feel modern, traditional, unique, or elegant, we can help you pick the right siding material, style, and color for your home. For more information, contact us to request an estimate.