Soffit and Fascia

Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. installs Cutting Edge brand soffit and fascia to the exterior of any home that could use a lift. Proper soffit installation can create the right kind of air flow under a roof system to prevent molding, mildew, or other moisture damage to the rafters or roof support. Fascia creates a beautiful, finished look for a home, and allows gutter systems to be attached to the home more easily.

The aluminum soffit we install, made by Cutting Edge, is durable, eco-friendly (90% recycled materials), and requires virtually no maintenance. The soffit and trim coil by Cutting Edge is made from strong aluminum, comes in a vaeriety of luxurious colors, and has a smooth texture. For both brands, only minimal upkeep is required--simply rinse occasionally with a garden hose to remove most airborne dust and dirt.

For soffit or fascia installation or replacement, contact Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. to request an estimate.