CertainTeed Shingles

Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. is a certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster, which means we have gone through several accreditation steps to achieve this highest level of credentials offered by CertainTeed. As a result, we are some of the most knowledgeable roofing installers and are committed to offering the best in available products and installation.

Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. offers customers CertainTeed's Landmark™ series of shingles, which includes the original Landmark™ line, the Landmark™ TL, Landmark™ Premium, and Landmark™ Pro lines. CertainTeed's lifetime limited warranty, which is transferrable, protects against any manufacturing defects in the series, including aesthetic defects.

The Landmark™ line, which was ranked a "Best Buy" by a leading consumer magazine, comes in two-piece laminated fiber glass-based construction in classic shades or in natural wood or slate appearance. Our Silver Birch shade is an ENERGY STAR® rated product and may qualify for a federal tax credit. The Landmark™ line comes with the 15-year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty with the lifetime limited transferrable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications.

  • The Landmark™ line
  • Dual-layer durablility
  • 240 lbs.
  • Liftetime limited warranty

The CertainTeed™ XT 25 shingles are traditional, affordable three tab shingles made for strength. Though these shingles are available in many colors, the Star White shade is also an ENERGY STAR® rated product and may qualify for a federal tax credit. The XT 25 line comes with the 5-year SureStart™ protection, 5-year 60 mph wind-resistance warranty with the 25-year limited transferrable warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • XT (Xtra Tough) 25
  • 5-year SureStart™ protection
  • 220 lbs.
  • 5-year limited warranty

We also install CertainTeed Luxury Shingles. These include the Landmark™ TL, the Landmark™ Pro, Presidential Shake™, Grand Manor™, Carriage House™, Solaris™, Highland Slate™, Independence™, and more. The Landmark™ TL is styled to look like classic wood shakes: multi-dimensional with distinct butted edges. The Landmark™ TL only costs a fraction of natural wood shakes but unlike wood doesn't rot or decay and offers excellent wind resistance for intense climates. The Grand Manor™ has a beautiful design to look like natural slate and has virtual five-layer coverage when applied. The Carriage House™ shingles have a unique chamfered cut for a scalloped appearance and have a unique hip and ridge accessory to make sure these shingles are finished perfectly. The Presidential Shake™ has a distinctive sculpted, rustic look for for classic and modern homes, and comes with an impact resistant version for durability.

Landmark Solaris Shingles are solar reflective shingles for energy efficience. They look like natural wood or slate, depending on the color and style, and can decrease your energy bills. Highland Slate shingles are single layer fiber glass-based to look like natural slate, and have a uniquely symmetrical modern look, while the Independence shingles have a fiber glass base shingle with randomly applied tabs to create a dimensional look that stands out.

All of these luxury shingle lines have a residential lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects and a 50-year limited transferable warranty for commercial installation. With a 15-year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty and, for many, the option of upgrading the wind warranty to 130 mph, you can be assured these shingles will not only look beautiful but will protect your home for decades. All these luxury shingles offer:

  • Durability
  • Heavy weight (250. lbs to 480 lbs.)
  • 110 mph wind-resistance warranty
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Haynes Construction & Restoration Inc. offers a whole system approach when it comes to roofing--we combine underlayments, shingles, accessory products such as hip and ridge, and ventilation to give our customers a complete roofing solution. To learn more or to get a free quote, request an estimate.